Robert Howe


Develop complete, correct and consistent software

ISO 26262 and other software safety standards require the use of verification techniques to ensure that software designs are complete, correct and consistent. Conventional software engineering techniques offer no rigorous means to meeting this requirement. In this presentation we will introduce Dezyne, a model driven analytical software engineering toolset that provides engineers with the power to rapidly design, validate, automatically verify and generate complete, correct and consistent code for embedded and cyber-physical systems.


Jens Braunes

Product Marketing Manager, PLS

Multicore Debugging and Trace with Universal Debug Engine® (UDE)

The presentation introduces the debug and trace functions of PLS’ Universal Debug Engine (UDE) for multi-core systems. The first part shows the key features for multi-core debugging: synchronized run-control, multi-core breakpoints, and handling of multi-core applications within the UDE debugger framework. The second part will outline UDE’s trace features for run-time measurement and system-level analysis.


Niclas Lindblom


Using Trace Visualization for Efficient Debugging of Embedded Systems

The presentation focuses on the need to monitor systems in real-time and the need to present the data graphically so that the human brain can process the data efficiently.


Erick Parra

Business Development Manager, TECHNICA ENGINEERING

Differences and challenges in Test & Validation of modern automotive ECU’s and next-generation E/E automotive architectures in the era of Automotive Ethernet, Autonomous Driving and Connected Car.

Test & Validation plays a major role in ensuring all functional aspects of today’s modern car architectures. Since the need for higher bandwidth and software updates has forced carmakers to introduce new IVN (in-vehicle-technologies) to the car, especially Automotive Ethernet, new, unprecedented challenges arise. Besides the obvious difference in higher data rates, the complexity of layer-stacked protocols, client-server communication and the needs of more intelligent Gateways pose new challenges to test engineers at both OEM and Tier 1 suppliers, that had never been seen before. Technica Engineering pioneered the introduction of Automotive Ethernet and these needs forced the creation of new hardware and software tools and solutions, which are now part of a rapidly growing and highly successful portfolio.


Logesh Kolandavel

Sr Software Engineer, TIMESYS

A practical approach to designing and maintaining security for Open Source Based Products

Secure boot, chain of trust, trusted execution environment are some of the key components in securing a product. Security vulnerabilities being reported against these components are increasing each year and a single vulnerability can break the chain of trust. This presentation will go over the industry best practices for designing secure products and maintaining that security posture over time without hampering product performance.


Harish Bansal

Lead Engineer, TIMESYS

Building your own Board Farm Cloud for Embedded Test Automation

Within the past few years, the explosive growth of mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) devices and adoption of open source operating systems such as Linux and Android has forced application and system developers to test against a number of devices running both current and legacy versions of operating systems. This trend has resulted in the need for what is now a well-known concept — a board farm cloud. This presentation will demonstrate how Timesys’ Board Farm Cloud and continuous testing can help you reduce development costs and accelerate your product time to market.


Marcus Tangermann


Going multi-storey – writing portable applications for Industrie 4.0

Cycle times for new technologies are getting shorter and shorter. On the other hand, the pure amount of different computing platforms was never so huge as nowadays in the automation industry. This leads to a big problem for technology providers like port: They must implement software in shorter times but must provide support for many CPUs and operating systems at the same time. This session gives an inside view on how to write portable software in ANSI C that can run on a wide variety of CPUs with or without operating systems.


Thomas Dirsch

Sr Software Quality Consultant, RAZORCAT

Unit & Component testing as per ISO 26262 (Functional Safety Testing).

TESSY is a dynamic testing tool that does the complete cycle of whole unit test cycle includes Unit, Component, Integration and Regression testing for your embedded software in C/C++ on different target systems. Tessy can be used to get the certification for product according to standards like IEC 61508, ISO 26262 EN 50128/50129, DO-178B, Automotive SPiCE, or the General Principles of Software Validation by the FDA. It also includes various Code Coverage Mechanisms. TESSY automatically executes tests, evaluates the test results, and generates the test reports.


Boris Schuster


PLC AUTOMATION: THE IEC 61131-3 Development System

The IEC 61131-3 Development System CODESYS for programming intelligent automation devices is the heart of the engineering platform. The software offers a variety of user-friendly engineering functions to make your development process faster and more efficient. The integrated engineering functions in CODESYS can seamlessly be expanded with the CODESYS Automation Platform.


Harry Dehaly

Global Sales Director, DEFENSECODE

How secure is your application ?

An overview of application and source code security. Why is this important and how to adopt technology to assist with secure development at the source code level up.


Ahmed Barakat

Field Application Engineer, TASKING

Multicore Compiling as per ISO 26262 (Functional Safety)

This presentation will cover the need of , tools like the TASKING Compiler and Embedded Profiler are required to make best use of the performance of the AURIX/2G. ISO26262 qualified/certified tools/software reduce the risk a lot to reach the certification of the (sub) system.


Danial Popalzai

Technical sales Engineer, TECHNICA ENGINEERING

Automotive ethernet testing

product demonstration of 100base T1 converters, active taps, media gateway, used in real time automotive ethernet environment

Technica Engineering pioneered the introduction of Automotive Ethernet and these needs forced the creation of new hardware and software tools and solutions, which are now part of a rapidly growing and highly successful portfolio.